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    I'm trying to use my touchpad to view uni work on. This includes text books and notes in pdf format.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) When trying to download a pdf file, clicking the download link results in "logon.aspx download" where nothing happens and the pdf cannot be downloaded. This may be due to the university network I'm downloading on. I've downloaded everything I need for now via PC, but would like to know if there's a work around to download PDF? (Current workarounds so far is to have the box app and offline copies accessed via file manager app, but would be nice to download on the fly from touchpad.)

    2) Is there any other PDF reader that can go to a particular page? The touchpad would have made an excellent textbook reader. My textbooks as expected however, may be 500-1500 pages long. It's a bit difficult to swipe to page 500+ or jump between chapters. (And also takes a while to open some pages...perhaps can be expected. These documents sometimes consume 1-2GB RAM on my quadcore machine, and at times can make it hiccup.

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    Yeah, this is a major PITA of the PDF reader on Touchpad for me as well. We have to wait for Picsel office and hope they will support it.
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    Check out the link below. This is a patch to download pdf's from secure websites.
    I have had problems with mime errors and logon.aspx being downloaded. The logon.asp file are useless, but with the patches I can now download the PDF file. You can tell by the size of the file. Only problem it sometimes still downloads as a .aspx, but the file size tell me it has downloaded. Again sometimes still cannot open the file because it has the wrong extension. With Internals Pro downloaded onto my TP I can change the name of the file and the extension and make it readable by Quickoffice.
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    If you install Ubuntu you can use several more fully-featured pdf readers, which I assume give you the ability to use bookmarks and go directly to a page number. Others can confirm.
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    I have a patch(but do to the patching structure it will be manual) that I will be releasing soon. I will put the thread link in here.
    Edit: Here is the link
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