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    Hey all,
    having problems - the screen keeps flicking back between the 2 main views - card view & apps/settings view.
    as if the home button is being continually pressed or there is a contact short on the screen. unsure which.

    I've tried rebooting several times but no joy.
    It has been working fine all weekend and just started mid morning today.

    Could this be associated with any kernel/patch updates I installed via preware?

    I would try a complete reset but can't interact with the tablet directly. Is there a button combo that does a reset? or can I instigate a complete refresh from my PC over usb???

    I've used the butler service a few times but find the support people very difficult to communicate with and would rather leave that as a last option.

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    power off, and doctor from recovery mode. Kernels are experimental.

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