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    Hi, I won a touchpad weeks ago from tiger direct, before HP shut them down. I am still waiting to have it shipped to me and I am wondering if I should keep it or sell it? is there any truth that android will be available for it soon? How long will it be viable for with it's current software? One of my friends is offering to buy it from me but I am not yet sure if I would like to sell it. Any thoughts? Thank you.
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    Why don't you try it first, and then decide?
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    Try it out first. If you don't like it, sell it to a webOS Developer so we can continue to get quality apps and patches.
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    Tell your friend you want to try it first, then decide. There are plenty of people who will buy it from you if you don't like it.

    With a kindle update last week, quickoffice document editing next week, and companion link update coming to sync over usb, there is plenty of developer support still coming. This past week we learned that there are 600 webOS engineers still at Palm hard at work. Of course, nothing is certain in this world (and I think that is why people like this TouchPad as they get a tremendous amount of functionality in an elegant package for a low price).

    Ubuntu has already been ported over, I think Android in process but am not sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtrain83 View Post
    ... I am not yet sure if I would like to sell it. Any thoughts? Thank you.
    I'll buy it.
    Finally had to bury beloved Pre. But now I have a TouchPad!

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