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    This is shameful for me to ask so please be gentle. Lets say I copy a file to "/media/internal" (via xterm, or novaterm) and I want to access that file on my pc. Sounds nice and easy I plug it, select the usb drive mode. I see bunch of file but I cannot find the file I have copied(even with searching). Where does "/media/internal" map to when it is plugged via the Usb?

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    hm that's weird. The media/internal/ directory = the USB partition that you should see when in USB mode and connected to a computer. by default you should see a folder called "wallpaper" and another called "ringtones" that lives in that directory for all webOS device. Maybe check to see if you can locate those two folder, then see if you copied your files to the correct location.
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    thanks for the follow up. I see those folders but I cannot locate my files in a sane way I am having heck of a time to understand how this thing work

    So I downloaded my file by using app. Cool it is in my downloads right? When I search via "find" on my Putty Novaterm session(I believe as root) I see that it is sitting under "/media/internal/downloads/boxnet/_webos_1314576454835/", Great I can some what get to there. Amazing piece of cake. When I try to to cd to "/media/internal/downloads" It says it cannot cd to "downloads". How am I supposed to get there, rename my file and copy that id_dsa file to my ".ssh" folder

    Another issue is that when I fire this command "cp authorized_keys /media/internal" I am expecting that the file will be just at the root of my mounted drive under Windows. It copies fine, when I "ls /media/internal" I see that the file is there. BUt under Windows drive the file is not there. I am really not getting this stuff
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    I don't know the answer, but some things to try:
    -Is it possible the files in question are hidden? Perhaps you need to show hidden files on Windows.
    -Perhaps the indexing is somehow messed up. Does the file appear on the USB drive after a reboot?
    -It's possible that you have a corrupted USB drive. If all else fails, you can do a full erase, which will rebuild it. You'll lose everything in /media/internal, and you may lose some app data, but things like calendar appointments and contacts should be preserved.
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    Here is the screen from the usb mode under explorer.

    The files live in place when I use "internalz". For example I see that the file I downloaded with app is under downloads folder(via Internalz). I can actually see it in the explorer as well. I think the problem is that I cannot access-find those files on the command line (via Putty_Novaproxy or novaterm)

    What I am trying to do is copy my ssh id keys under ~/.ssh, since none of the ways of accessing the file works I simply cannot do it.

    edit: In the second image you can see the "ls" for "media/internal" and the file listing for the usb drive. They do not resemble eachother at all. Is "/media/internal" supposed to be the root of the mounted usb drive? That is where I am mosttly confused.
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    The /media/internals loads as the root dir. so /media/internals/downloads becomes
    /downloads on that drive. on a windows box it would be [if the drive mounts as E] E:\downloads. If you look it's there in your pic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by e-gadget-guy View Post
    The /media/internals loads as the root dir. so /media/internals/downloads becomes
    /downloads on that drive. on a windows box it would be [if the drive mounts as E] E:\downloads. If you look it's there in your pic.

    Thanks for the answer. That is what I thought so too. However If you look at the terminal screen there are 2 files(from media/internal) folder that are not listed in the root of the mounted drive and that is where I am confused.

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