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    I plugged in my touchpad to my computer to get an update via webOS doctor.

    My sister wanted to use the Touchpad and unplugged it and did not eject it. Now the

    screen is completely frozen and nothing is working at all. The volume button is working

    and power button will turn the screen on/off. On the top right screen I do see a usb

    symbol as it seems to be connected.

    Any information of how to get this working again or just let the battery drain out and

    recharge it again?
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    Press and hold center and power buttons until it reboots.
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    Thank you for the reply. I tried it many times before and the screen would just turn off within 5 sec. and thats it.
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    I tried this combination and it work! Home + Power button for 15 sec to reset the Touchpad.

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