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    well I have installed touchplayer on my new 32gb touchpad, and I wanted to play .mkv HD movies, but all the ones I have are 720p and 4.4gb+, and when I try to throw them on there via USB Disk Storage mode it says files are too big. I have plenty of space on my device, but it always says too big. I installed a ~1.2 gb AVI and it played no problem. My inquiry is what the top space limit is to be transferred, and how can we get around it to throw HD movies on this bad boy.
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    the USB partition is fat32, which limits file size to 4gb.

    you would be much happier if you run them through handbrake to 1024x768 so the touchpad CPU doesn't have to compress them on the fly.
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    The USB drive on the TouchPad is formatted in FAT32. That format has a max file size of 4GB. The upside is FAT32 is recognized by just about every PC made in the last 10 years.

    You'll either need to settle with not watching it or re-encoding it. Also, the Toms Hardware review pointed out that the TouchPad wouldn't play their 2-4GB video files even though they showed up in the native video player app. I'm not sure if the app catalog video player apps have the 2GB limitation.

    webOS 3.0: Media And Documents : HP TouchPad Review: A Tablet For Productivity?

    [edit] Has anyone tried reformatting the USB drive in NTFS (don't do it if you happen across this thread with OP's question).
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    ahh, i was afraid of this. And yeah that would make it much better to compress it to the resolution of the touchpad, but I was hoping to get it working w/o any conversions though :P, If I mount an SMB share via a method i found on this forum, would it play 4gb+ files via touchplayer? that way I would only have to convert videos for when im traveling. Thanks for the info.

    edit: ninja reply answered 2nd half of my question

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