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    I am experiencing a problem with the Touchpad email program. I have 3 email accounts (2 Hotmail, 1 Comcast) which have been added to the TouchPad email client. The Comcast account functions perfectly. The 2 Hotmail accounts only work ONCE but will cease to function once I close the program. I can send/receive email immediately after adding the accounts but If I close/reopen the TouchPad email client it no longer works. I can see that the "sync" icon is spinning continuously but I won't receive any new messages. If I remove the Hotmail accounts and re-enter the information then it will work...once.

    I understand that one can set up Hotmail as an Exchange account but I would prefer to use the Hotmail settings as the Exchange account does not properly display HTML in email. I also know that I can use a Google email account and forward Hotmail to that address but I don't want to set up another email account.

    Does anyone know how to get Hotmail to run properly through the TouchPad email client? Perhaps I am using the wrong login settings. I tried using both the automatic and manual setup. I may be using the wrong encryption,port, or server settings.

    Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Thanks for the response. I stated in my original post that I'm aware of the Exchange setup. I do not want to set up Hotmail this way as it as it renders HTML messages as text.
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    one thing that webos did for me was generate a pop folder inside hotmail on it's own.
    it syncs normally and the set up was auto.
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    guess i could add these settings


    use authentication--------on
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    Imo, the best setup for Hotmail in webOS is to just POP access it from another service that is using either IMAP or an up to date version of Exchange (Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, etc.) and then set that account up in your email client.
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    I got the same problem too, my hotmail doesn't update or show notifications...I restarted and it seems to work now sort of...gonna send myself and email and see if it works.

    Also I can't put my email to be gotten automatically like I can with my only gives the options of 5 minutes checking at minimum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SavageAcE View Post
    Also I can't put my email to be gotten automatically like I can with my only gives the options of 5 minutes checking at minimum.
    POP3 doesn't support Push, that's why you can't do that with a POP3 setup in Hotmail.
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    I got hotmail to work fine for me, however, I only have one hotmail account. It was explained in other thread around here. In your case, you may have to setup 4 accounts in total.

    I set up two separate accounts in webOS setup. If I remember correctly, it's been a couple weeks. One hotmail account i set up normally as a Pop3 account. It only handles the email side of things. The second account I set up as an exchange client that only handles my Calendar, contacts, and Address Lookup. Seems to be working fine this way. I get notifications, and my calendars and contacts sync just fine.
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    The email I sent myself, was never reached.....the inbox is just doing the circle thing on the number, it never refreshes to get new email or anything.

    My gmail works perfectly fine.
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    Has anyone found out why using Hotmail through the email or Exchange app doesn't work fully? Oh sure, it's easy to initialize and get set up, but after the initial time, it doesn't pick up new email. The circle just keeps spinning at the top, and I have to delete the account, then re-add it for the email to be picked up.

    And again, this is through "Exchange" and regular "Email". So, is there a fix or something for this that I've missed? Thanks in advance!
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    Please Precentral someone HELP, I had no problem until recently, and also it has happend in my Pre2 what is going on?? please advice...
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    had the same problem a while back, so i ended up removing the hotmail account and adding it back. and its been working alright since...
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