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    So I've had my Touchpad for five days now and the thing I've noticed the most is that when I pick up my Pre it feels so flimsy in my hands. I never noticed that before, I suppose its because of how solidly constructed the TP is that the Pre just seems inferior now. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    The original Pre from Sprint? My original Sprint Pre and the Pre Plus felt immediately horribly built after I had a Pre 2. They only felt that way because they ARE horribly built.
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    Yes, original Pre from Sprint.
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    Hmmm, I'm still diggin' my Sprint Pre (though it's about to have Franken surgery). It's never felt flimsy to me. I don't have and oreo action happening.
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    The pixi feels great. I still think its some of the most solid hardware theyve built. Especially with a touchstone artist back cover.
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    Yeah, that's the SAME thing I thought when I first got to handle my girlfriend's Veer. The Pre is nowhere near as bad as some people have been trying to make it... it's totally okay in terms of build quality, but it's not great.

    The Veer definitely IS great though. I prefer the way that feels in my hand to the iPhone 4 which is definitely a well-built piece of hardware.

    I only handled a TouchPad once or twice in the shop, and had the same impression. Just felt nice.

    A bummer that HP wants out of the consumer hardware sector. I thought their first attempts at making their own mobile devices were really, really good - ESPECIALLY for first attempts.
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    I haven't held any of the phones, but the Touchpad does have a nice feel to it. The plastic doesn't really bother me, and the look works for it, mostly. The only problems I have are weight and thickness.

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