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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucidlore View Post
    Some of you are really missing the point here. The guy compares webOS to android not because he expects it to be like android. He compares it to android because, obviously, it is the OS he is most familiar with. He did make some assumptions that would suggest that webOS was inferior but that is certainly forgivable because he knows nothing about webOS, and stated as much.

    As the owner of a launch day pre that is currently crumbling to pieces, I love webOS as much as the next guy here but that does not mean we should blindly attack anyone that has a negative opinion towards webOS, especially if their opinion is formed from lack of information. So what if he originally bought the touchpad to convert it to an Android? The response should be to inform him of the differences and why we believe our choice is superior. Kudos to those that have done just that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by craigdts View Post
    What am I missing, how are notifications for webOS better than android? They seem very similar, but androids seem less intrusive to me for some reason
    I see little difference on my girlfriends HTC Incredible S notifications. Swipe down from the top to see them all, tap on them to open them. Pretty much the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    I see little difference on my girlfriends HTC Incredible S notifications. Swipe down from the top to see them all, tap on them to open them. Pretty much the same thing.
    I mean I do like flicking away alerts I don't care about (but it is 3 steps - tap bar, flick' confirm delete), but on my Motorola photon its 2 steps (tap bar, hit red minus button to dismiss). So the argument its faster doesn't stand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 65fastback View Post
    webos does not allow you to clutter up the "desktop" with a ton of junk.

    for "widgets" style, purchase "glimpse"

    no other browsers at the moment

    email is built in, so no gmail app needed

    to put an icon on the home bar, tap, hold and drag
    "Clutter" or "Junk" to some... "Convenience"... or, "Features" to others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitch_Itch View Post
    I just picked up 2 touch pads

    I have been messing around with it and did the speed improvements from another topic.
    I have used android on my phone and Toshiba tablet for a while now.
    I really dont know anything about web os and have some questions for you web os guys/gals

    I cant find any widgets for web os, does web os have widgets?

    Is there a way to put app shortcuts on the home screen?

    Is there any alternate browsers or gmail apps?

    When use use for finger for a fast upward swype to remove a app screen from your home page, does that really close that window or just hide it and keep it running in the background.

    After surfing the net in the browser for a while things start to get funky in terms of, when i try to tap on a link within a given site the link does not load correctly and just displays the code. also pictures will not load and just sits there on the "loading screen"

    Now Im not trying to slam any of you guys/gals that like web os, obviously you have your reasons for using the os and I can respect your decision. But in my own personal opinion web os appears to be rather archaic compared to android in terms of being user friendly. Now my opinion is totally based on the limited time I have spent with the os. It just seems to me that anything you want to do requires many additional steps compared to android, basically due to the fact of me not being able to find out how to put widgets and shorts on the home screen. The os also seems to be very slow and unstable at times. I am oc'd to 1.5ghz which did help some. I dont know if the slowness is due to the os or the hardware.

    I really bought these tablets in hopes we can get a android port, and knowing some of the dev's at the xda site i believe we will get one sooner or later.

    I do applaud and respect HP for keeping the system truly open, the rest of the tablet/phone market could learn from HP's openness policy.

    I have not given up on the web os yet, I am hoping to learn more about the os

    Thank you for any insight you can give me.
    welcome first of all coming from a new is is always different and sometimes on forums people don't understand it. I actually have never been a fan of android but after the touchpad was supposedly going to die in tech heaven, I thought about getting a honeycomb tablet and had I, I would have been you except on android central

    What i know about android is its more widget based and also a bit cluttered sometimes. Webos is very simple but because of this lacks widgets. I'd love widgets as i think they are useful but unfortunately none yet. This is not where webos excells though. Have you used just type? Its on awesome feature which lets you search your phone, webs, sites, or even write an email or memo, simply by typing in the search bar. Its not the same as a widget but it can be used to quickly post a Facebook status and search many websites or other things. There's also an app called weather dashboard that's amazing, advanced browser which is also amazing, and the email and calendar sync or any other account that's big and you can see all your info.

    Apps are closed when you slide up unless they have a background task going.

    I think the fact you can't put stuff in the background makes the is cleaner and multasking quicker. The drawer is not like androids drawer (at least not like 2.3 and before) you can move your apps around and even have a favorites page.its not alphabetized like the older versions of android and there are tabs.
    i hope this helps and that even if you do port android (hell if honeycomb comes and we can duelboot i might try it out too) you appreciate what webos is good for what its good for having choice is always great! Honeycomb is nice and so is webos
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    you don't go to a forum for an OS, give backhanded compliments, and then not expect people to stand up for an OS they believe in. If you wanna talk ****, go to android forums. if you have a question, ask it. you can say its not working for you without being a **** about it.

    finally, accept that it may not be for you, and that's fine
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    There is an app called "Dashboard Utilities" that adds some nice functionality to the Notifications bar, including a stopwatch, timer, list, etc. There is a free version. It has some bugs, but its still a unique and nice app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollywood084 View Post
    "Clutter" or "Junk" to some... "Convenience"... or, "Features" to others.
    Widgets are the best feature of Android, IMO. I suppose I can see the argument that there is potential for clutter, and some may say that my home screen (attached) is cluttered. But in my eyes, it's neatly laid out, and a good amount of information is presented to me when I hit my power button (I rarely use the other home screens). Wouldn't have it any other way
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    I'm of the mindset that you should leave apps open and visible that you are working with. That said, you wouldn't be able to see widgets glued to a home screen while you are working. I like the idea of widgets when your screen is locked though. Exhibition mode is a great start. I'd like to see it become more customizable. I also wish that exhibition mode was active when you first power on a screen that has been asleep until you swipe to unlock it even if it is not sitting on a touchstone. Maybe someone could make a patch for that.
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    The closest thing to a weather widget that I use is weathericon. It displays the temp in the icon and I put out in the lauchet. No longer in the app catalog but if you do a search you can find the ipk in the forums from the app developer
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    Quote Originally Posted by craigdts View Post
    I mean I do like flicking away alerts I don't care about (but it is 3 steps - tap bar, flick' confirm delete), but on my Motorola photon its 2 steps (tap bar, hit red minus button to dismiss). So the argument its faster doesn't stand.
    I'm pretty sure that I was implying that they are pretty equal. 2 steps, 3 steps, fraction if a second.....equal.

    its like the Bounce bar that sticks in your dryer, that according to the commercial, saves so much time. Even if you did 10 loads of laundry every day, (how long dies it take to put a Bounce sheet in the dryer 2 seconds?), 7 days a week.....that's 2 minutes and 20 seconds.......sooo much time
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    If you want widgets try Glimpse, it puts Facebook / Twitter / browser/ calculator all together in one screen.
    Inglorious Apps - Mobile Applications for WebOS
    Other than that it seems like your questions have already been answered.
    Thank you SO much for not immediately flaming webOS as many people here seem to think you are. They are so used to all the trolls posting around here that they don't see that sometimes people just want a little bit of information.
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    I really like webOS, coming from Android I think the flash implementation is great and so is the card system.

    But I am still planning on running Android and unbuntu. Why? Because it can of course. I am hoping android is able to be run from a card like linux is. It will be the best of both worlds, multitasking of webOS. So support of android.

    At the least Cyanogen's team has mentioned dual boot.
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    I also bought the touchpad thinking well its cheap and i can use it as a media player and browser. So far i have grown to like WebOS and the quirky way it works ( my first experience with webOS previously ive used symbian, Windows Mobile (which should be the definition of cluttered desktop) and android)

    Since i liked it so much and i thought i could make more of it than a media player I started to look around for the apps i would need to make me actually use the touchpad as tool and not a leisure device.This is where WebOS is lacking. Blame it on all the factors but the app ecosystem just isnt on par with the other major 2 players.

    So now im in the position of wanting to port/ not wanting to port . Still there is a 3rd option , a bright spot on the horizon. There is a effort in xda-dev to port dalvik to WebOS so then we can run android apps in a emulator like mode (think blackberry's tablet).If that ever comes out then its a no brainer for me, WebOS all the way.

    link to xda-dev if anyone is interested in the project
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    nice find docnas! i'm in full support of that project! android apps in webOS cards.. cant get much better than that! webOS all the way.
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