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    Hi all,

    I have just bought a Touchpad in the firesale and had a question about email

    Does anyone know if the Touchpad allows you to export your emails?
    My concern is that mails will only be readable by a webOS device and this is a little concerning given that HP have pulled the plug on its webOS devices.

    Thanks in advance
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    The webOS email is a client to another server somewhere. So, as long as you use protocol such as exchange or IMAP, then your emails are saved on a server.

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    Hi Alan

    thanks for the reply. I understand that the mails are downloaded from a server, be it google or MSN, but I currently use windows live mail (as a client) on my PC and I can backup these mails. I don't want to rely on google or Microsoft to look after my mails and I have never understood why anyone else would (but that's a separate topic).
    You could view the mails downloaded from a server as a backup of the mails on the server but what then if the TouchPad breaks and there's no more support?

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    ah, then I don't think I can add anything. My email is saved on my home pc and I use my TouchPad as a quick reader and replyer (is there such a word). Since I am using IMAP, all mails are copied anyway.

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    ah well. Looks like I will have to use the TouchPad in a similar way then.

    thanks Alan.

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