Hi everyone, been checking PreCentral for a while now but finally want to join the forums.

Basically, my TouchPad (32GB) seems to have two problems I haven't read about anywhere else. I was just wondering what I should do because I'm not too sure on the seriousness of these problems so am a little uneasy going to HP as it seems I will get a refurb unit that could be worse than my current TouchPad. (I live in the UK - any horror stories about refurbs over here?)

The problems are:

-One of the LEDs has failed in the notification light. Very annoying, I could live with it until I noticed...

-The rubber banding is uneven (the band that goes between the back plastic and the front plastic). I'm not sure if this holds the unit together but if it does I guess this could be serious if the unevenness is just a symptom of something more serious (maybe the whole case parting!).

Thank you for reading. If these problems are unique and someone out there wants a collectible, I'll happily trade someone for one of those run-of-the-mill white 64GB TouchPads! xD