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    I keep getting a notification that one of the programs I have installed has an update available. The only problem is that the update causes the program to not work. Twice I have tried to install it only to realized it killed the previously working app.... then I have to uninstall it and reinstall.

    So, obviously its a bad update. Any chance I can tell the Software to ignore announcing updates to this one app?
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    what app is doing this?
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    I would love this ability too. One of the sound machine apps I have (I think it's called Rockus Sound) constantly asks me to update but I don't want to. Was hoping I could turn off the upper right notification on the home screen.
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    Cantaffordit, when you asked what app, I searched the homebrew apps to find a link to send you - because that is where I first saw it and downloaded it. Then it dawned on me that there could be an official app catalog release. So, I searched the official app catalog and sure enough there is a paid version there.

    So, I had downloaded this free homebrew program:
    LoanCalc | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |

    But there is a new release that is a paid app ($1). And the software manager simply saw there was a newer version and offered to update. When it did, of course, I couldn't actually open the program. So, this is really more of a problem of a developer leaving an older version of a program in the homebrew catalog when the program has become an official paid app with no upgrade path.

    However, I still can see where this would be a nice option
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