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    Check this report called "Night Stand for iPad" on CNET: Videos - Free video downloads and streaming video - CNET TV

    Pretty cool.

    I just got my TP, so I'm wondering: can Exhibition or another app match this? Thanks!
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    I don't get it. Where is this app useful? What are you trying to accomplish?

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    I'm guessing he wants a more feature-packed version of Exhibition. We do already have the ability to add clock/weather/wallpapers to Exhibition (some via addons) but I don't think we have streamlined twitter/facebook/RSS feed stuff or video looping capabilities all in one package just yet.

    Or do we?
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    The TP has an Exhibition option in the Settings menu. Some apps have an Exhibition option that is added into that setting... (ie facebook, agenda, accuweather, etc..)
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    Try Glimpse and enable it for Exhibition. Three panels (two small and one large), and you can have it come up on Exhibition mode.

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