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    I just tried playing an episode from south park studios and it became entirely green after watching for a few seconds. I had this happen when watching another flash video earlier. Am I the only one?
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    I see it some times, but it eventually resolves itself.
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    while i'm at it. I also can't seem to play the flash videos that are in some of the articles.
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    With my vast knowledge of this (read: none), I theorise it's a bug with the Flash plugin :P

    Seriously though, I had this yesterday and though a reboot did fix it, it would be nice to know exactly why and how to resolve it.
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    I'm running a vz pre+ with webos 2.1 and flash video plays with a green space at the bottom of the flash window and the other color channels offset vertically. Looks a bit like an old red/blue 3d movie turned on its side.

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