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    I hardly play with my Pre, haven't touched my laptop in 5 days!

    I'm officially hooked. I even bought my first ebook thru my kindle app.

    I may need an intervention soon. LOL!
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    Despite owning 3 laptops, I'm so close to buying a bluetooth keyboard just so I can use my touchpad in more ways than I am now.
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    @GreekOutDog. I thought about picking one up but can't find any accessories (tried bestbuy, office depot, staples and walmart). I saw empty shelves with 50% off or more, so they flew off the shelves.

    @jjCook. I got lucky and even paid for 2 day shipping, that's why I got it so fast.
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    I liked my TP a lot at first, and for the first couple of days, I used it more than any other device. Now that I have had it for a week, I find my grabbing it only when the iPad is unavailable (can't find it, wife using it, etc.). It will fill the position I thought it would, a nice secondary tablet in the house to give to guests or use when the iPad is taken. Not to say it isn't a good device, it is, but I can see why these things had no prayer of survival at the first two price points.
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    Same thing happened with me. I stopped using my Xoom entirely and eventually just sold it on craigslist.
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    I've had my TouchPad now for 2 months now and still can't put it down. My Pre just sits on its touchstone now and my laptop just sits on my desk.
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    I also find myself not using my laptop at all the last two days. My pre2's only function now is to run freetether for my TP and to send the occasional text (I cannot wait till I can send text via bluetooth with the TP). When I first got the TP, I thought it would mostly be an entertainment device. As it turns out, this couldn't be farther from the truth. I've written countless emails, kept up to date with my Twitter, facebook, and made a few Skype calls to my sis in a different state. I also can't wait to be able to edit docs on here, as soon as that happens, I'm buying a bt keyboard, so I can use it to write school papers when my laptop isn't around. This device has exceeded my expectations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tayswg20 View Post
    I cannot wait till I can send text via bluetooth with the TP
    Sign up for Google Voice and you can send texts through your browser now.
    User of Android, Blackberry OS, WebOS and Windows Mobile (not necessarily in that order).
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    other ... devices...?

    *goes back to touchpad*
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    I just built a $1500 pc and I haven't touched it for anything beyond the web/email in a week. Even building my own pc, HP still has me by the gonads. Lol
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    My laptop is my music console as well so it's been on the whole time. I've also been loading the TouchPad with PDFs for class and such. I'm all about integration and it's a great thing that this fits in so well with my mix.
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    Got the bluetooth keyboard and am surprised as to how useful it is. Additionally, the more applications I find that are supported (WE STILL NEED SPOTIFY), the less I'm using any other device. Off the t op of my head, I'd love to see support for cisco packet tracer ( :-) ), smss. The Touchpad has definitely contributed to our desktops becoming obsolete. Now if I can fend the other family members off of it long enough, that I can use it myself. ;-)
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    lol at this thread, and, yes! I'm usually a 2 hr/day-er on xda-developers.. definitely cutting in to theming time.
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    @Decalex. Are you working on a Touchpad Theme? Is theming possible on these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekOutDog View Post
    Despite owning 3 laptops, I'm so close to buying a bluetooth keyboard just so I can use my touchpad in more ways than I am now.
    You should. I didn't think I wanted the keyboard, but they had a few at Best Buy for $35 so I said "why not?"

    Now I'm really glad I got he keyboard. It has buttons to skip tracks (even works with Pandora) and adjust volume and brightness. It also has a button to turn the screen on/off and a card view button.


    And on the subject of the OP, I am definitely over-using the TP. I'm so rehooked on webOS that I returned my Motorola Photon in favor of a frankenpre 2
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    I love the USA Today App. I like the sliding rows of news stories, and the story panel. I checked to see if the same app was available for Android, and couldn't find it. Also played Spaceblip, which is a lot of fun.

    My time is now divided between the Logitech Revue (Honeycomb Beta), Nook Color (Cyanogen Mod), the TouchPad, and a Windows desktop. Each one has a purpose.
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    I barely use my g2x for anything other than texting and occasional calls lol. I've always been skeptical of tablets and I still think they serve no real purpose but man am I loving this. :-)
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    Same here. Every since I got mine I've been on it almost nonstop. I can't believe how much I'm using it over my cell and new laptop that I just got a few weeks ago.
    From launch day Pre- to firesale TouchPad.
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    I've been neglecting my iPod Touch during the day. But during the night it's just too heavy and big for me to take to bed.
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