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    if only I could play words with friends on the tp then I could put the galaxy tab out to pasture
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashmonee View Post
    I liked my TP a lot at first, and for the first couple of days, I used it more than any other device. Now that I have had it for a week, I find my grabbing it only when the iPad is unavailable (can't find it, wife using it, etc.). It will fill the position I thought it would, a nice secondary tablet in the house to give to guests or use when the iPad is taken. Not to say it isn't a good device, it is, but I can see why these things had no prayer of survival at the first two price points.
    Very much agreed
    Although since the iPad in my house is my sister's I don't get to use it, I end up turning to my iPod for most day to day "smart" device usage.
    It's serving nicely as what I wanted it for, media consumption device.
    I just encode bunch of movie with iPad preset on Handbrake and I've got 10 inch screen and I also read bunch of pdf books I have on it, it's great!
    Audiophile gives it the FLAC support the basic music player and my iPod lacks (I haven't found really good FLAC player on App Store yet)
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