View Poll Results: Who got the touchpad during the fire sale?

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  • Yes! Finally I got it! (Or on the way)

    127 90.71%
  • No. Out of stock.

    6 4.29%
  • Kinda. My order was canceled.

    7 5.00%
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    Every place around here was sold out and all my online orders were cancelled, so I had to pay a bit of a premium on Craigslist. $320 for a 32gb with touchstone, case, and BT keyboard.... a bit more than I was hoping to pay, but I'm enjoying the device.
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    got a 16gb and a 32gb for my wife and I this is our first fancy tech purchase.

    wife bought them both from best buy.

    I am a linux system admin so no stranger to machines.

    one thing that gets me is after looking at all the tablets out now I think hp could have put an sd card slot on this. I believe that could have made a huge difference!

    I love it. Very snazzy. Writing this post on it in bed lol

    oh and the keyboard needs arrow keys :-P
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    Got mine on the 20th at a Best Buy in Evansville IN. We were in town for a family event and my wife told me about it went online and started calling and everyone was out. Called BB and they told me that they were told to take them off the floor for sale. On a chance we drove down to the store at 8:30 that evening walked in and I saw 2 guys walking out with one each so I walked to the back and they had about 10 to 15 left ( all 16g). Bought one drove off and then my wife decided she wanted one as well so went back to the store and got another one. By the time we checked out they had sold their remaining stock. The manager told me that they had put 60 back out on the floor at 8 pm and sold them all in the last hour. It was crazy how fast they sold. We love our TP
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    Got 1 32gb at $549.00 in the middle of July. Got another 2 32gb for $135 each during the fire salel. Just trying to leverage down my initial investment. As it stands now, I am averaging about $240 each.
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    WOW, looking at the votes a lot of people actually got them.
    Too bad I wasn't one of them
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