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    My fiancee and I have been wondering what the heck that slot type thing is on the lower right of the touchpad when you have the power button at the top right. We can push it in and it acts like a memory slot cover but cannot be removed. Was this for something in the future that HP was planning, is it an antenna or ???

    I have looked around but haven't seen anything about that space. It is not listed in the user guide either.
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    serial number since the battery cover doesnout come off
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    For antenna/SIM card, if it ever gets released as a phone network device.

    (No, it is of no use to you with Wifi only).

    Good question, though.
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    You have to press it in on both sides at once (using 2 fingers is the easiest), then it will pop out and you can see the serials ( a good idea to take a photograph of it so you can have a record of it being yours, in case of theft/ ect...), then you can see in the back there is a sort of indent (this is meant for the sim card in the to-be 4g versions that AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $never$ $happened$), $and$ $you$ $close$ $it$ $by$ $firmly$ $pressing$ $it$ $closed$ $on$ $both$ $sides$ $until$ $it$ $clicks$ $into$ $place$
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    I didn't notice the serial numbers on it until you told me to look. The other half just asked "*** is this?" and I didn't have an answer. Yes, we are going to take pictures of it in case it is stolen.

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