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    If need to replace WebOS because it quit working where can I get a copy put it back on?

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    go to and look for the Get webOS Doctor button
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    What is your exact problem? Someone might know a fix. If worse comes to worse you can use webOS Doctor to start from scratch. I'll teach you to use it if you need to doctor your device.
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    I don't have a problem yet just in case I do so I can fix it.
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    Ah, got ya. Suggest posting any problems here first. There are a lot of webOS vets here that are more than happy to help.
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    I just wish I could plug sd/microsd card in.
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    It's so much easier to plug a USB cable in, and hit NEXT.
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    I have a small mini #11 camera for an RC/Airplane and when I'm out flying I like to be able to view the video. It has an min 5 pin connector

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