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    Just a few moments ago I received a call on my TouchPad from the number # usa.b1.osx.voicesystem.voice.alert. The automated message was telling me my system was out of date and needed protection. It told me to head to some website (I wont link it here, because it's something similar to MacDefender).

    I do not have Skype activated on the TouchPad, so I thought it was weird. The Palm Pre isn't linked via Bluetooth with the TouchPad at the moment.* [edit]

    Has anyone gotten this?

    In fact it's calling me again! I don't see an option to ignore the call, just to silent it with the volume rocker.
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    weird !
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    I also received 2 calls from this number the day after I got my TouchPad but I did have Skype set up. Both were within 10 seconds of each other but I haven't received another one since.
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    What applications do you have installed?
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    Yes! I got the same thing. "Your computer is at risk so please visit [website] or else your computer will be at risk" etc etc. I had Skype set up, but this was the first time I've received a junk call from Skype. The weird thing was, the phone app didn't say that the call was from Skype (my Veer was connected via bluetooth), but since the "phone number" wasn't a number at all, I just figured it was from the internet.

    So, dubya-tee-eff?

    *edit* It was obviously someone trying to make me install a trash virus app onto my PC or Mac . . . there's no doubt about that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by viper151 View Post
    What applications do you have installed?
    Literally nothing besides Angry Birds and the Camera app. I installed Preware last week, and I just go around to installing the required packages for Xterm.
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    Awesome! Now spam Calls
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    You get those spam calls on regular skype too.
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    Yeap. I got the same call. Took me a minute to figure out what in my house was ringing. It was my TP.
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    I got the Computer at risk one the other day too.I've used Skype as my home # for years and it's just something you get every once in a while.You can block them and report the # on the skype computer interface.Mine rings on my computer first and then has a short delay and then rings on the touchpad.
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    same here
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    I missed a call from this provider as well. I have skype installed so I also assume it's just a skype spam call.
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    Its a scam. Don't worry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    Yeap. I got the same call. Took me a minute to figure out what in my house was ringing. It was my TP.
    Same for me. I woke up to something ringing, looked at my phone and didn't see it ringing. Ended up being the touchpad on the floor. I just ignored it and they haven't called back yet. I was really confused about getting a call on something with no mobile # until I remembered I signed into skype
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    It's a spam call that targets Skype users. Go into your Skype settings (on a regular pc) and check the option to only allow calls from people in your contacts. This is what I did otherwise you can just leave it alone as long as you don't go the that website.

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