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  1.    #1 do you plan on getting one? Are you holding out for a round two of the firesale, or are you looking at places like ebay hoping to find a deal? Personally, I've seen a few decent "deals" on ebay and I'm tempted to pull the trigger on one. What is everyone else planning?
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    I'm hoping that there actually is a round 2.
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    I'm hoping out there is either a round 2 or that my order through HP's small and medium business store really comes if not then I might just give in and I might just order through amazon...
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    I'm still waiting to see if I got anything in round one. I ordered from:

    • HP SMB
    • An eBay seller (less than $200, I can assure you)

    I've not heard from HP since Wednesday and haven't had a word from the other two since Monday.

    If I go 0-for-3, which seems likely, then I'll hunt around for the best remaining deal wherever it may be. By the time I know for sure, though, Round 2 will probably be over already.
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    Unless firesale round 2 happens, I'm not going to be getting a Touchpad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yankeeken View Post
    Unless firesale round 2 happens, I'm not going to be getting a Touchpad.
    Same same.
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    I already bought from ebay... still waiting for shipment though.
    Have orders @ hp smb and neobits. If I get one from them or from round two I will sell to make up for my ebay purchase. If I get two or more I will give them to friends/family either at cost or as gifts

    If I don't get one I still will be receiving a nice upgrade to my nook color for the same price (got a 32gb ~ $250). These are still a great buy for less then $300 imho.
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    I'm still hoping for a round 2, but I've actually been thinking about getting a Slate 500. I can work from home if I can connect to my work machine with RDP, it'd be nice to hook the slate up to my tv and work from my recliner

    I originally bought a 32gb Touchpad but returned it to Staples on the 13th day after the firesale madness. I love the TP, but if I can't get one for a good price then I'll just save a few extra bucks and get the Slate. There are even a few good options out there for Windows 7 interfaces for tablets too

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