I want to make it clear, I'v had a Pre since Aug 2009 - no contract and still love it. I loved my Treo pro 850, I loved my original treo. I consistently defend Palm from the little apple minions who think having 200,000 apps is what makes a phone great even though most are copies (at one point apple had something like 470 tip calculators)

I don't need a tablet, I accept that they are infact novelty items which can in no real capacity replace a laptop (especially not my M1730) I'll say it'll be used for work but thats a lie. Traveling is about it.

I waited for the Touchpad to come out, I waited for the 4G version which I preordered through amazon. Then HP dropped the bombshell that all but signaled their out of business. Was lucky enough to pick up a 32gb version from bestbuy for 300 dollars and you know what. I love it.

Yes, it has some issues but once I stopped all the background logging and put preware on everything was fine. I refuse to let HP drag Palm's good name through the mud, I'm sick and tired of no one supporting Palm products and tossing WebOS to the side, hell my Pre1 still works better then an iphone4 and to top it off I can make a call past 6pm without recharging 3 times. Yet I can't get any number of cases, or skins, or backpacks, or apps I want. Now it's only going to get worse.

The purpose of this thread? we need to band together and make 2 products - The first is a Palm/WebOS decal for cars like the little apple ones. The 2nd and most important is removing the HP logo from the backs of touchpads and putting a proper Palm logo in place.

I love Palm but want HP out of my life.