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    I just got my TP 32GB and I can't download the new software. It goes all the way to unpacking then I get this error. "Unable to connect. Try again later". I already restarted the device. Any advice?
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    however, my tp was my second & my issue may have been different.

    I used the Butler service & they told me to be patient, it would eventually dl & install.

    I am not patient with tech stuff so I used the webos doctor to install 3.02. It was pretty easy, but the downside is you have to set up the device all over again.
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    Follow this guide. I have tried the software update on three TouchPads, and haven't been successful once...

    This has worked 100%!
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    I was finally able to complete my upgrade today. I guess the servers aren't being hammered like they were yesterday.

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