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    When viewing some forums in the browser seems to default to a cached page instead of bringing up a current page. Does anyone know how to for the browser to either stop caching pages or refresh on load?
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    I book marked a forum website and it only shows the cached page from the first time I saved it as well. What's going on with that?
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    next to the address bar is a little circke that refreshes the page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    next to the address bar is a little circke that refreshes the page.
    which really doesn't do anything to solve me problem. I know how to refresh the page.

    I would like to have a way, especially when browsing pages that change frequently, to either have the page either refresh on load or stop caching pages. For instace i cannot log into this site from my touchpad because after logging it it returns me to the login screen. Or if i visit these forums opening a browser and clicking on a link to a forum will not show current topics but rather what was active the last time i visited. IE if it was two days a go the most current topic would read 8/26
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    did you clear your cache and cookies after ipdating to 3.0.2?
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    multiple times on both
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    I would also love to know how to do this. I'd even disable the cache completely to solve the problem if it were possible.
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    Having the same issue and did the "Clear Cache" option as well. This also happening on the Advanced Browser I purchased.
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    good time for a disable cache patch...*taps Robitaille*
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    Having same issue, even clearing history the history stays...
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    This is a pretty annoying problem. A fix for it would be nice.
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    I think I've suffered from this problem on a number of occasions as well. =T

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