It would appear that Govnah only partially saves my settings: while max and low frequencies are no problem, the other settings (namely, sampling rate/up threshold/i/o scheduler and tcp congestion) don't seem to stick after a reboot - actually turning off the device and powering it back on. In addition, is seems sort of stuck on the very first version of a profile I created and updated since (save as new profile, gave the same name): after a reboot, loading up that profile will yield the very first settings I tried and saved using that name, regardless of how many times I saved new settings over those. Apologies if that's been covered elsewhere, a search didn't yield anything that helped. I'm using the latest Govnah found in Preware (1.0.3 UberKernel-22).

Similarly, it seems that whenever I reboot I have to go back into ##LOGS# to set logging to minimal: when I do that after rebooting, it doesn't give me the "logging already set to minimal" message I would have expected.

Is there anything I can do on my side to get around those (admittedly minor) issues?