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    I just bought a touchpad through the fire sale and I was hoping to use it for my insurance business as I sale insurance.

    However the software applications that I need to download I guess are mime file and it says can't open mime file. I also did the thing and uploaded there and tried to do it and still no luck.

    Is there anyway or anything I can do to run or download mime files/apps

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    mime type is a generic term. What file type (Mime type) is it?

    what does it come from?
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    ok, didn't know that. They are just I guess programs that I have downloaded on my lap top and I would like on tablet. The hp let me download the files but when you go to install it says can't open mime, so how do I find out where it comes from or what type of mime it is?
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    programs? Like windows programs? They would need windows to run them.
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    o ok so I do believe they are windows programs, so is there anything I can do?
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    What is the advangetage of ubuntu and is worth it? Also with it would I be able to run my windows stuff?

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