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    On my TouchPad, I've got an icon on the menu bar that takes me to an app called Photos & Videos. Or at least it _looks_ like an app. At the top left are two Libraries - All Photos & Videos, and My TouchPad. Both show exactly the same, so no idea what the differences are if any. Then we have All Albums, containing Miscellaneous, Downloads, DCIM, and Wallpapers.

    Under Wallpapers, a number of images show, and I can double click and get a full screen version of it, drag left and right for previous and next images, and even get some sort of slideshow going by pressing the play button at the bottom. All good so far...

    ...except it aint. Can I configure this slideshow in any way, maybe constrain it to a single folder, or adjust timing, or absolutely anything? Who knows - the only items in the menu from the top left of the screen are Preferences and Accounts (which only seems to take me to WebOS account or Synergy Account, whatever the hell either of them are), or Help, which features nothing at all about the Photo App. How do I add pictures? I tried simply transferring them from my laptop with USB, but where to put them? I put them in Misc, but when I looked at the TouchPad afterwards I've got blank thumbnails. I opened some images in the browser and did a long press on them, and a small menu appeared asking if I'd like to save the image to Photos. Hey, great, a way of getting pics in. So I saved a dozen or so like this, and went to the Photos app to show them. Yup, more blank thumbnails. Double clicking on one of these blanks does give me the full size image though, so I suppose I should be grateful for that.

    Okay, time for some help. Look online for HP TouchPad Photos, and I get lots of photos of a TouchPad. Add '& Videos', and get some videos of people unpacking TouchPads. Tried lots of permutations, and haven't found anything at all about this program that supposedly every single TouchPad in the world has. Hey, maybe everyone else found it a breeze so they've not needed to ask online about it. Is it even _called_ Photo and Video app?

    Actually, scrub all that. I hate it already, it seems to have zero configuration options and if it does have them its buried them under several layers of obscurity. Is there a _different_ app somewhere which deals with images? Some sort of slideshow app? Anything at all?

    Frustrated, which wasn't how I planned to be after finally getting my hands on a tablet!
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    breath, relax, and learn how it works rather than giving in to the temptation of wanting it to work like something else you have tried.

    I'm not saying it's a great app, but it does some cool stuff, like pulling together you photos from facebook, photobucket, etc.
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    I'd _love_ to learn how it works. If only HP had thought to include some sort of help file, or tutorial, or ouija board or something. Unfortunately they were busy doing something else, so the Photo app is a _solely_ 'suck it and see' experience.

    I mean, great, it does 'cool stuff' like pull in photos from facebook photobucket etc. Only I don't _use_ facebook because I find their TOS offensive, and I'd not even heard of photobucket until you mentioned it. I don't need an app that pulls in pictures from places I've visited - I'm perfectly capable of putting in images myself that I want it to show - I just want it to be able to do something fairly conventional, like perhaps have a folder called uploads that I can find in the directory tree from my laptop and drag pictures into, and they show in the slideshow.

    Its my first post here and I'm grateful for any and all help, but suggesting that I stop wanting it to do stuff I want and instead let it do stuff it wants is like saying to a drowning man 'hey, no lifebelts, but I've got some Coke if you'd like it?' I mean, honestly, its absolutely _dire_! Its a photo app - shouldn't it be capable of accepting....errrr.... photos? And should its help file consist of links to other help files on different apps? I'm amazed that there isn't an alernative application on the apps market that actually works like a photo/slideshow app would be thought of to work ;(
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    There are other apps, like my own app Slide RSS which handles both Media RSS feeds as well as local photos. Can you confirm if you just setup your TouchPad? If you have a lot of accounts and/or added a lot of photos of your own, it can take a while to run through it's full setup. Unfortunately it isn't always apparent that it's still processing.

    Also, have you already upgraded to webOS 3.0.2? If not, please take care of that first. There were numerous bugfixes, including many related to detecting and handling media files. There are also some known issues with the media indexer which would affect both the stock Photos app as well as 3rd party apps (like my app).

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