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    People still use Hotmail???

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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    People still use Hotmail???

    Gmail may have surpassed hotmail in the US, but hotmail is number 1 worldwide (as of 2/11):

    Stats: Hotmail still on top worldwide; Gmail gets bigger - GeekWire
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    I have both but since I've had my hotmail for almost 20 years it's my go-to address when signing up for anything or giving it to friends. I only signed up for gmail when I test drove a Xoom earlier this spring (it was returned within a week). Then my Google account got hacked and I decided gmail just wasn't for me.
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    I hope one day we'll be able to set up out hotmail w/o using exchange. I'd like to use the webOs email app, but don't have exchange, so I'm stuck trying to log into the hotmail website, which isn't as 'user friendly' on the touchpad as the webOs email app is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkpaul View Post
    hmm. I don't think that's accurate. HTML emails being sent to my MS Exchange account are rendering perfectly fine in my TP webOS email client? Maybe its the version of the Exchange server or some config on the server side. I've got graphics, html tables etc all showing up fine. We use Exchange 2007 I think.
    I can't get html email on my TouchPad or Pre3 at all just text and hyperlinks. I have re-installed my MS Exch (Hotmail). Syncs ok just not html. Please help...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    People still use Hotmail???

    I do, though i also keep a gmail account due to many email snobs out there the professional world. :-)

    Hotmail works great with Pre2. I set it up as Exchange. It syncs calender, contacts, email and tasks. Gmail doesn't sync tasks. I also like that the buttons for sweeping out your inbox is right on the main inbox page.
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    Well old dude been playing with his touchpad and finally saw the light today. I have been searching for the hotmail fix. All of a sudden there it was, https// in the webos broswer and it was done. Open up accounts and put my hotmail back in.The part that got me lost, was trying to put address in the account.

    Good Luck to all
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    I forgot the simi-colon. Sorry!
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