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    I have Skype working but I came across a problem. If I am in the maps app and tap on a phone number, it does what its suppose to do, open the phone app and calls using Skype. However, if I am in the contacts app and click on a number, the phone app starts and I get an error about not being able to connect because a phone isn't paired. What gives?
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    i believe you need a webos phone (and not sure which models) paired to the touchpad
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    well I just want it to use skype..that's what the map app does so why would the contact app be any different?
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    I believe you'll need to create Skype contacts to use it for wifi calling. If I'm not mistaking you'll need to be signed in to Skype also. Looks like you can use any webOS phone to pair with the TP but only the Pre3 can be used with TTS and send/receive of SMS. I use my Pixi plus via Bluetooth to make and receive calls and if its paired the TP automatically Uses it to make phone calls.

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