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    Hi All-

    I recently picked up a new Touchpad (not quite firesale pricing) and have a couple of quick questions:

    Is there any way to connect the TP to an ad hoc network? I have a Samsung Infuse that is rooted and I use free wireless tether. I can use the ad hoc connection for my iPad 2, but the TP doesn't see it. I have the same issues with my Android tablets, but I was hoping the TP would recognize ad hoc networks.

    Also, is there some way to add titles on the top bar on the launcher menu? Am I stuck placing apps in those few pre-defined categories?

    Thanks for any help. Gotta say I am loving this thing!
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    Well no way to attach to adhoc as far as I know.

    The second part of your question is no but in my old sprint pre there was a patch that allowed it so I would wait and see if anything comes up on preware.
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    I had the same problem with Motorola Defy running Gingerbread on Ad hoc mode only..........downgraded to Froyo and now I have infrastructure mode and TP connects perfectly
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    I hope there is a patch for this someday.

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