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    my new 32gb WAS RUNNING AMAZING. OC to 1.7 etc. now today out of nowhere battery drains in 20min on standy...

    should i reset with web os doctor or return to get my 150 back?
    anyone else with this issue?

    the battery drained right to the point i cant even turn it on
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    OCing will do weird things. Runs stable on 1.5 for me.
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    I had similar glitches on 1.7

    To fix it I had to memboot to the normal kernel and uninstall F15C. Look around webOS internals for info on how to memboot.
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    As for turning it on so you can memboot, plug it into the wall while holding the up volume button. You'll see the same old low-power charging screen for a while, but keep waiting and eventually the usb bootie screen will show up.

    Also, 1.5GHz has been working beautifully for me, so don't let this mishap completely scare you away from overclocking.
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    will restoring with webos doctor do the same thing? (restore original kernel?)

    i think the new update to F15 is ruining things, never had ANY issue before installing it. now lock up etc. insane drainage.

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    is memboot the same as webos doctor? i have the device on again it just drains insanely fast now
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    webOS doctor will restore the kernel too, but membooting makes it so you can fix everything without having to start from square one.
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    keep in mind these are testing kernels - you should fully expect that it can break your device
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    And no, membooting is different. The doctor reflashes everything on the tablet while membooting sends a stable kernel via usb, letting you uninstall your troublesome kernel.

    but since you have it back on now, just open up preware and install the palm default kernel

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