I use Bing, so when I got my TouchPad yesterday, I was a little upset when I couldn't find a Bing search service built into the device (although the Maps app is powered by Bing--weird!). I was looking around this site and found the search plugin generator Tip article. With searchplugins.net, I was able to create a very nice Bing search plugin for "Just Type," with a TouchPad-optimized icon (none of that YoutTube icon pixelation here!, hehe). So, figured I should share my creation with all of you, in case you happen to be a Bing user and thought it would be nice to have it built into the Just Type function. Enjoy!

Link: Bing for HP TouchPad

Instructions: (1) Open the link on your TouchPad and you will be notified of a new search engine service in about 5 seconds. (2) Go to the "Just Type" settings from you Settings tab and check the "Bing for HP TouchPad" service under "Search using" (if not already checked). (3) Change the "Default Search Engine" to "Bing for HP TouchPad."