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    I installed openssh via preware on my new TP, managed to my public ssh keys to home dir,
    but I cannot login either via putty or ubuntu
    i get a message "no supported authentication methods available (server sent publickey, keyboard-interactive)

    i can edit the config files via the interalz pro file manager
    any adice please
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    You need to read this;
    Application:OpenSSH - WebOS Internals
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    is there a working terminal app available for the touchpad?
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    Im also looking for a Terminal app with SSH support to connect to remote hosts when on VPN on my Touchpad.
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    I find that on the Ubuntu side I have to run ssh-add, just the command with no arguments. Something about an agent holding on to the identity keys.
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    i tried making changes but no luck,
    can someone paste their sshd_config file that they know is working

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