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    I can't get my gmail contacts to show up in messaging. No matter what I do the only messaging contacts I get is Skype. Does this app do google chat?

    Speaking of contacts, when I open the contacts app and click on a phone number, the phone app opens and attempts a call but I get an error that a phone is not paired. I want it to use Skype. Hmmm?

    and one minor annoyance. As you can tell the first letter of my previous sentence is not capitalized. Hitting the enter to start a new paragraph the keyboard starts the sentence in lower case. A bit annoying.
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    try removing the gmail account and re add it. Mine also didn't work until I readded.
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    ok did that. From what I gather it only imports your google chat or gtalk contacts. I was thinking it was going to load all of my gmail contacts. That makes sense.

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