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    hey everyone, been a lurker for a few days and finally decided to join and see what i could contribute. i checked out a lot of the themes for webos and was disappointed to find that every theme i tried were for the smartphones (background picture too small).

    so my question is this, how do i go about making a theme for the touchpad? i also cant find Madolen's how to use theme builder that i saw mentioned in the prethemer forum. is there anything else different between the smartphone and the touchpads in terms of themes other than the background picture size?
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    10 views and no help? i'm wanting to contribute to the touchpad community, but i need a good lead or two to get started, thanks.
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    i am 2 of those views....and I don't know myself. I went here hoping to find the answer.
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    There doesn't seem to be much interest unfortunately. You can do some stuff manually.
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    i don't know how.. but this guy does. (Garrett92C) . I am using his glass effect now...real sweet.
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    he can prob direct you to right wiki..stuff
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    i tried to contact him but no good so if anybody can direct us in the rite way it would be nice i want to get sum great themes out to the public
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    Try him on Twitter, same name. I think I remember reading somewhere that its a lot more difficult on the TouchPad.
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    actually not hard at all. A lot easier than android to me. I been working on a glass/android theme and most I did manually through internalz pro replacing the desired icons. Posted some pics on Twitter if you want to see @JboogieBop
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    All I have found on this topic, as I too am utterly disappointed that none of the themes I like look good on the TouchPad because they were made for cell phones, is this thread here. I'm still reading through the thread and I am pretty sure this is for the phone based webOS but I am sure with a little tweaking and messing around we can make it work. I'm going to play with it.
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    that is awesome jediprietess. it appears most of the themes in prethemer can be used for the touchpad, the only issue is the wall paper being much too small. i'll have to take some of those themes and break them down to find new wall papers to go with the icons i like.

    excellent link! any idea what size the picture needs to be for the touchpad wallpaper?
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    From what I understand, wallpapers should be 1024x768.

    I had posted about making themes for the TP in another thread and got no response, so I wish you god-speed.
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    Well, I found locations for certain parts of the launcher. It's hard to tell how the images work together though.

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