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    is it possible to make 4 (or however many) favorite apps open, in a staked card view, by just hitting one button? Maybe a patch?
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    that would be nice with the current overclock workin
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    There's an app for webOS phones that can open the programs of your choosing either at a specified time or when you tap on a launcher icon that the app creates for that group of apps. However, there's currently no way to have the cards automatically stacked. I unfortunately can't remember the name of the app right now, and it may or may not be available for the TouchPad because it's a Mojo app meant for the phones.

    Another option is the homebrew app Mode Switcher by Sconix. It is quite powerful, and opening groups of apps is when of the simplest things it can do. I think the TouchPad version is still under development, though.
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    For the phones there is a great app called Multiple App Launcher. Works pretty well. Don't know if its available for the TouchPad yet
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    Another homebrew tool that does this (and much more) is mode switcher. Outside of WebOS 1.X, I don't know off the tob of my head which WebOS versions it runs on. No stack settings that I'm aware of.

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