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    anyone find this extremely annoying? is there a patch for this or do i need to swipe straight down?
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    yes, very annoying. Be sure you send your thoughts to

    hopefully they will change it in a future release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceejay View Post
    anyone find this extremely annoying?
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    add me to the "drives me nuts" bandwagon

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    yeah this is worst thing that ruins the browsing experience the other thing is the dodgy cache that loads old pages of forums and you have to refresh to get the latest posts.

    I will send a email
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    #6 mail gets rejected any others?
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    Hasn't it always been like this? IIRC my original Pre also did it.
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    This never bothered me on my Pre, but I find it annoying on my Touchpad for some reason... it especially sucks playing Machinarium too. WebOS Internals would probably the job done faster than HP if it's possible.
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    Desperate for a patch to sort this one out. Seems to make the whole browsing experience feel jerkier too, I bet it would feel smoother if it didn't wobble as much.
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    I created a patch request thread for this issue

    you might consider replying in there. Hopefully if we get enough posts in the request thread a developer might take on the issue

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