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    I have only owned the TP for a few days but this thing is very unstable. At first I was excited about an Android port, but honestly, if this OS gets stable, I will be sticking to the WebOS...I think it is superior.

    I turned off all the excessive logging and things have improved but honestly...this thing is pretty useless if the random reboot issues don't get resolved one way or another. I don't mind tweaking things (actually enjoy doing that part!) but the OS should be way more stable than this.

    I bought this from Best Buy (yep...firesale) and it looks like you can't take it back to them for repair/warranty. Now I will have to pay to ship it to HP...probably won't see it for a month or two and may not get a replacement so not sure what I will do yet.

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    What version of the operating system are you using?
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    I am not experiencing what you are.

    but have you tried backing it up, and runnin webOS doctor and making sure you OS is the most up to date, also doing a full device reset might help as well.

    your issues are most likely software, and not hardware.
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    all my rebooting issues went away with 3.0.2. adding the performance patches and overclocking with uberkernal made a huge speed difference as well.
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    I updated to the latest OS the 2nd day I had it and still reboots. I have not updated it via the webOS doctor but wanted to understand more about why this is happening before I did that. Guess that is the next step. Do I lose all of my settings and apps?

    Are there instructions on how to perform this?

    Thanks guys

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