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    I had ad block patch installed and got the msg. I removed it and restarted TP and now it's working fine.
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    I never installed either ad block or max block. I have installed the Hula patch. Went to and was not able to view any of the videos. Got the same message: The Video you have requested is unavailable or may have expired after watching 30 second ad.

    I followed the instructions to remove the host files (host.conf, hosts, hostncat hoame) in /etc using wosqi (actually I move them to a bak directory). I did a full reboot on the touchpad but no luck.

    so then I tried the clear history, cookies and cache (mutiple times) turned off the touchpad, waited and them turned it on again. again no luck.

    so I've put the host files back in place. I've looked at them at don't see any entries that look like they belong to ad block or max block.

    any other suggestions?

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    Hi I am having the same problem get the error on cbs never installed any of the ad blockers. plays but cbs and nbc wont. Anyone find or have a fix thanks
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