Hi All. Glad i found this forum and I'll be hanging around for a while. I've had my touchpad for 5 days now so I am getting use to how things work. Updated it and installed preware along with the usual speed enhancement tips. It running fine and I am thoroughly impressed. I mean for the money it was a steal. However I do understand why HP is getting out of the tablet business. They just couldn't compete. While i like the touchpad, if you handed me an Ipad 2, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the HP touchpad and said i could have any of them for free, well the HP would come in a clear 3rd. That being said. I own one now, am quite happy with it and plan on keeping it for a year or 2.

I do have a few questions.

Skype video chat is terrible. Tried it with 4 friends on their pc and all kinds of video and audio distortion. What's up with that? Any support coming for voice mail soon?

Synergy. I have 3 accounts. FB, Google and Skype. Ok to my google account i mark the messaging box yet none of my gmail contacts show up in the messaging app. In fact the only account that shows up in the messaging is skype. Is there facebook chat anywhere? If i open up the contact app, it show all of my contacts but if i click on a phone number in a contact the phone client opens and I get an error saying "cannot send voice over paired phone or no phone is paired". I want it to use skype. Any help here?

Oh and just to be clear, overclocking this thing does void my warranty?

OK, just need to solve these few problems. I'm sure I have more questions as they come up so I'll be around. Thanks for any responses.