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    Hi !

    Has anyone found a way to remote desktop a PC through the touchpad thanks to a VNC software, or equivalent softs as Teamviewer / Log me in ?
    I've tried VNC Client PDK but the virtual keyboard is not active and does not enable to make any setting
    I've found also "splashtop" but it seems old and not done for touchpad (and not free).

    Are there any other solution ?

    Thank you
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    I am interested in this aswell, any1, what about log me in, any1 tried it?
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    Not that I've found. A proper vnc would be lovely. Splashtop said they had plans to make a touchpad version but that was before HP dropped its bombshell.
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    I heard logmein works from the browser. Have not tried it yet.
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    Well ... I've tried "teamviewer" through web access (I forgot that it was possible through web access but when you told about Logmein ...) => it works but I can't have the distinction between right and left click, neither the virtual keyboard, and the zoom is not accurate (pixel junk ...).
    Then I tried "ThinVNC" the version but the installation on windows 7 is "looping" at the end of installation I've got the icon which is coming then leaving and rolling up ...

    Sad ... I hope a developpement will be done because a remote access through mobile device such as a touchpad would be great !
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    I guess that LogmeIn through webacess will have the same inconvenients as teamviewer through webacess which make it non usable ??? It is foreseen for a PC and not a "touch" device
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    UltraVNC is the best VNC client IMO, and it can be set up for web-based control.

    Might also try, which is also web-based. Don't have my Touchpad yet so I can't try them out myself.
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    There is a beta application that uses a VNC Server installed on your PC to allow you to connect your TouchPad to your PC Desktop. It is early Beta and can have a tendency to to lock-up your TouchPad in certain circumstances. I find it very useful and use UltraVNC's WinVNC Server on my PC.
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    I have tried both UltraVNC web-based and ThinVNC on my Win7 desktop. I can access either one via my laptop running XP but can access neither using the web browser on my touchpad. With both I just get a blank white web page on the touchpad browser.
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    thank you Noseph for your advice, this software even if beta is very good !
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    Try using gosupportnow remote connection service. You can have a view only remote session via mobile devices such as iPhone, ipad, touchpads etc.
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    Splashtop nice.

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