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    Many have reported that PDK apps that were originally written for the older versions of webOS that run on the phones were no longer working when installed on the TouchPad. A bug was found that improperly configured a key file. The bug was attributed to the way the last app catalog version handles installs. HP indicated they were working on the problem.

    Well, I woke up to a new version of the app catalog this morning and installed it. I then removed and reinstalled the game N.O.V.A., and lo and behold it now works properly again. Good job webOS team for such a fast implementation fix and good job webOS community for identifying the root cause!
    UPDATE: OK, I discovered that the app catalog update was for 5.0.1600. That update actually came out a while ago. So my new TouchPads did not automatically get that update even though I had updated to webOS to 3.0.2. The software manager did not notify me of an update until this morning, 4 days after I activated my newly arrived TouchPad. So my timeline was off, but the root cause and fix are still applicable.
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