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    It seems quite a few people have gone into stores and bought Touchpads recently. I'm talking as recently as Wednesday or Thursday. Are stores still re-stocking these things? I thought everyone was out. If so, I'm going to try to get one.
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    You're pretty much too late now. Best Buys were getting shipments throughout the week, but it seems that the last of the shipments were yesterday. You MAY get lucky at a local one if they got their shipment last night to sell this morning. You need to go right now if you're going to try to do that, as they will likely be gone within minutes of opening their doors. Many stores have lines from several hours before opening.

    It looks like is pretty much the only hope at this point.
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    My best advise would be to just go to a few stores and ask.. I believe it's real hit-and-miss with who has any at this point..
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    Bought one 24th of August. Future Shop, they put about a dozen or so out around 4PM, I went in to see about my price match (and was almost starting to lose hope). and got it, went to the back of the store, there was maybe 7 left, and I'm pretty sure the first 5 went to staff, as while I was waiting in line at customer service, I'd see a staff member with 2 in his hands, putting them away for later.

    On that note, the manager I dealt with told me that the store had only stocked 50-60 TouchPads to begin with. Maybe 20-25 to staff and the rest were sold...not sure how many before the sale, but those were the numbers he told me.
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    Got one at Aaron's Friday thanks to this forum!!!
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    BB on wednesday got another, not a return, they received 120 of them of course sold out very quickly
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    Got mine Tuesday at BB. Nothing on the floor, ask at customer service.
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    Bought my TP on release day. Went into BB on Tuesday to get the fire sale price match. As I walked up I saw a sign on the door that said "We have just received a shipment of HP Touchpads. Supplies limited. Go to GeekSquad to purchase." I immediately got in line at GS. Woman in front of me purchased last 16GB model (ack!) but I was able to buy 3 32GB Touchpads (one for my wife, one for a co-worker, and one for my mom). They had 4 left after I got done. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

    I've contacted BB and OfficeDepot since. Both said they won't be getting any more in.
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    Got mine Friday morning at a best buy in Wisconsin.
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    Got mine Thursday night at a Best Buy in Birmingham, AL. They had 49, I got the 49th ticket.
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    I got mine Wednesday at Best Buy. It seems that the shipments are starting to end though.
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    I got one yesterday (Friday) at Best Buy. Another BestBuy near me was selling theirs today.
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    My local BB had them this morning (Saturday 27th). But they said they WILL NOT be getting any more.

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