Someone from this forum was very helpful to me with getting a Pre3 out of Europe to Canada, so now that my Touchpad order is filled and on the way direct from HP, I wanted to return the favour by making sure that they were available for anyone that wanted to pick one up even if you weren't in North America!

When I look at eBay, most of the auctions I can see from here are listed for Canada/US only, so I made sure mine would be visible worldwide. I hope that is helpful.

I am quite happy to do the necessary paperwork and help figure out the shipping where ever you live if it helps you get one of these great units!

Here is the link for one, but there are three if you look under my listings HP TouchPad 16GB - INTERNATIONAL Bidders Welcome! :-) | eBay

Oh, and as for pricing?, I don't think these will go so high. HP Canada is now shipping all their orders and there are going to be a lot more on the market and hitting ebay. Hopefully enough people open their auctions worldwide so that is true for you folks as well.

Cheers, Tim.

PS Moderators - it's really not my intention to be 'spamming' so please remove this posting if it is considered so. I just know what a great help it was to me to find a Pre3 that I could get from outside of Europe and wanted to return the favour