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    I have alot of movies on itunes that I want to use on my touchpad but I need to remove the DRM from them. I have Windows 7 is there a good thing that as worked for people in this regards?

    free or paid I dont care since I have alot of those free digital copies you get with blue-ray movies.
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    I want to know too. A few months ago, iTunes offered up every single season premiere of Smallville for free but it has DRM. If it's free why do they have DRM? Makes no sense. I have all 10 HD versions but no way to really watch them other than my PC since I don't own any Apple products.
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    Well there's two ways. There are programs that just record and reencode the video off your screen, those are a dime a dozen.

    Then there's a program called Requiem that can strip off the DRM. Google that for more information on it. The newest version requires an iOS device but earlier versions don't.
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    I use DVDShrink (free) to strip the DRM before converting my vids with Handbrake.
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    I'd like this too I have lots digital copies... Id like them on my touchpad
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    I use DVDShrink (free) to strip the DRM before converting my vids with Handbrake.
    How are you using DVDShrink with m4v's?
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    I use SoundTaxi to convert movies and songs. It cost $20 or so but over the past 4 years it has certainly paid for itself. The password is good forever.

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    Hmm, I use the Aneesoft video converter to do converting videos for me, as it has the TouchPad output, I just use the default setting for TouchPad.
    Don't the eRightSoft have the default settings for TouchPad, maybe you could read this topic:
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    removing DRM from iTunes movie files may constitute copyright infringement according to the iTunes terms and conditions (see Use of Purchased or Rented Content and usage rules paragraphs). really loving the front page article about directly combating copyright theft & then coming to the forums & finding the exact same thing all over the place.
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    back on topic...

    Wondershare Media Converter
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    I use DVD catalyst 4 to convert any movies. Lots of options, and it seems to be tailored to mobile devices as there are tons of profiles for many different devices. With the touchpad profile there are conversion options and you can customize those options too after picking them. I have only had to remove drm from one movie so far but it worked fine for me. There are tons of options in the program so I can't imagine someone having a situation it wouldn't solve. It's a paid program but if you're reading this you probably know where to look to find it for free. Bye!!!

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