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    Add me to the list. It'll be on the TouchStone, then randomly turn on to announce "CHARGING!" then the screen just never turns back off, even when it goes into Exhibition mode

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    did you guys happen to do a full reset then used your previous webOS account? I'm thinking when you restore it messes something up
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    I'm seeing this also. In my case, it seems to happen if I have a webpage open then turn off screen using power button. It seems the webpage's activities (refreshing, flash, etc) seems to wake up TP. If I close the page, then no issues.
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    I never realized it until I tried to set a PIN-lock and then later decided to deactivate it and go again with the normal wipe. I think since then the screen turns shortly back on after it was already black/ off.

    Someone else with 3.0.4 & the same behavior?
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    i have the exact same issue. ne solutions??
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    I think its the messaging app. Make sure your not online in the app. After i did it the problem seems to have stopped.
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    I am also experiencing the same issue. My TP battery is draining because of this unusual behavior.
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    My TP sometimes likes to stay on when plugged in. Usually it automatically turns the screen off after a while, but when it doesn't rebooting seems to fix it.

    Don't press the volume buttons more than once when charging, because it will keep the screen on on the second press and won't turn off until the screen off timer elapsed.
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