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    little background: had a pre- since aug 09 and bought an evo shift about 3 months ago b/c I sat on my 3rd pre- and cracked it. It took me a couple frustrating days to stop trying to swipe on my evo shift but eventually I got the hang of it. Fast forward to tonight. I got my touchpad from onsale delivered today and immediately remembered why I missed webos. I threw my evo shift across the room after it wouldnt respond to my gestures thinking something was wrong. I should add that I was drunk when this happened, but damn you webos, your like crack.
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    lol, welcome back.
    I was a proud supporter of Palm, HP
    WebOS running on the Palm Pre, Pixi, and now the TouchPad.

    Amazon =
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    that made me LOL

    welcome back. Enjoy the TP.
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    haha, figured I'd get a laugh or two out of that one. I never really left though cause ive been lurking for the whole time hoping for any sign of life. I cant stand the android os but htc makes a solid phone and being able to access means I'm stuck til someone else can.
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    Well, we're glad to have you back.

    HP has planted the seed. Now we need to continue it and do it ourselves and word-of-mouth is the most effective way.
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    word of mouth is def the key. Ive got 3 32g touchpads being shipped next week, got my salt shaker ready but the hp smb agent says they are coming. My 50 yr old, Iphone toting, boss wants this 16g after everything ive told him that webos does, and I plan on giving a webos internals dev dibs on my other 32g at cost or less if I do get them. And I want 2 for myself.
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    well lets hope your boss enjoys webOS

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