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    I set up one of my email accounts on my TouchPad .... I assume there is no way I can make it so it requires a prompt for a password whenever I want to access that email account?
    I ask because this TP will likely be shared with others and while there is nothing to hide I prefer not to have open access to my email
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    You could log off your email account. But I'm pretty sure that logging in every single would get annoying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heello View Post
    You could log off your email account. But I'm pretty sure that logging in every single would get annoying.
    I don't even think you can log off
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    The thought had occurred in me that if you loose your TP or your Pre, then your gonna be changing many passwords. And who knows what someone that finds it my get into before you realize it. I think the only cure for this is to keep the devices locked. That way they won't be able to get in.
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    anyone else?

    did they really make this so unsecure that you can't perfom a simple function like requiring a password each time to view email?

    I prefer to use the built in email acess application instead of having to log in via the web browser but that may be the only way to secure the email on the system
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    This is a really good questions...that is all!
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    I agree maybe with a patch. But this is going to be a house tp and I want to use my profile to log in but don't want my email totally open.

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    I, too, would like to see locking apps with a 2ndary password. great for kids too so your little one doesn't find their way deleting all your email because it looks like a game =P

    But I would love to see multiple profiles. Everyone in the house can have their own browser with bookmarks. granted, this also would mean everyone has to buy their own copy of an app.
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    This absolutely needs to be resolved somehow. Hope it comes soon!
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    Just saw an Android app highlighted today on a blog.... maybe someone can do similar here....

    (Developers - pay attention... LOL)

    It's a "Parental Control" app - I think I saw it on Lifehacker. You can set your device to only allow certain apps for kids to play with. That way - No one can access emails, etc... when they use the device!
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    I called Touchpad Tech support and the tech I got in India confirmed that there is no password protection for inidividual emails - at this point. He kept emphasizing "at this point". I asked if something was coming and he said yes. Is HP still developing WebOs? I hope so. If they planned to sell these for business applications, then passwords would be a must for corporate security!! Hope this thread gets an update when somebody comes up with an app!
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    .....and defo family friendly. Please implement Touchpad Team

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