View Poll Results: Did your Touchpad case come cracked?

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  • Yes.

    3 6.82%
  • No.

    38 86.36%
  • No, but after normal usage cracks developed. (never dropped)

    3 6.82%
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    Did your Touchpad case come cracked out the box?
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    Came in perfect shape and no damage yet.
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    If it came like that I would go running back to Best Buy and request for the panda version of the touchpad. If worse comes to worst then I'll be satisfied with just a fresh touchpad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 27 View Post

    The crack is referring to the cracks around the speakers.
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    0-18 at this point shows there's no point to this poll
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    This is similar to another thread out there right now - "all of the problems with the Touchpad". Even though this poll is not a full sample, it seems to indicate that only those who have an issue complain, and the VAST majority are not experiencing issues.

    Conclusion: a few people who complain loudly make it seem like everyone is having issues. This sways uninformed public opinion towards the negative, even though the reality is the opposite. (I know, this is unusual - it never happens in things like politics or sports teams or any other arena.)
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    where is the poll option for "yea, but it got better"

    Really though There are zero wide spread 'issues', only minor problems and hugs that are related to the OS and apps.... Anything else is just the unlucky individual that got the one in 1,000 units hat was bad -remember how many were sold/ bought up in the last week, its very disproportionate to what happens normally
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