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    i m running the latest OS and I've noticed that for one, the fonts don't look as good on the TouchPad browser as on the iPad. Not sure why, but I see a lot of jaggedness on the TouchPad.

    Also, why is it super slow when you start to fill in a form. For example trying to type a post here on the touchpad is super slow and delayed compared to my iPad. It's slow enough that I have to wait for it to catch up, and no, I'm not running anything else...
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    there are no css transformation, no hardware acceleration and no nitro boost as on safari, thats why its slower, but plays flash
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I see thanks. I don't care for Flash but I do thank you for the explanation.
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    it may be doing something in the background. Not sure. Mine is flawless
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    I know what you mean about 'font ugliness'. I was surprised how much less polished it looked when compared to the iPad2 and the MacBook Air we have. Wish there was a way to resolve this.
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    I'm not holding my breath for HP, but it would be nice.

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